Laughter Therapy One-on-one personal Coaching

Laughter Therapy one-on-one: the aims in this mentoring (based on the techniques of Laughter Yoga and Dr Goodheart approaches) to provide you with very easy and simple practice for REAL LIFE.

You will be encouraged to apply Laughter Therapy Interventions while walking in the street when feeling bad, in order to feel better at the moment! You will be more efficient in your Business Meetings.

Improving body language and walking posture, facial mirroring, eye glance communication while walking, managing your endorphin secretion in order to feel better even if Life doesn’t follow our expectations.

– Boost up the immune system and empower yourself every day. We don’t need to wait for a group in order to laugh. What happens the day after the workshop? Laugh all the way to health.

– Laughter has 2 aspects. Physical (L.Yoga, Humor etc). The Second one is the Philosophical/Existential/Cognitive one: Surprises of Life, Expectations and Disappointments – those affect our inner spirit of Laughter and Joy . In the second aspect we learn how to laugh in face of challanges, surprises and even disasters by accepting them first.

We start with the physical exercise and we continue with using the wisdom of the body to heal, change reality – with a hint of Quantum Theory.

Boosting up the vital forces.

The most important thing is to focus on the very important issue: How to laugh in bad times in order to feel better. Who is an Expert in Laughter? The one who can choose to laugh while feeling bad in order to feel better, rather than waiting for favorable conditions for a good laugh! Not to leave our laughter to chance.

There is nothing as important for us as our Immune System- which can be boosted up easily. The last important part of the aim in Laughter Therapy is “emerging out of the comfort-zone” and this means Self Empowerment.

Gibberish Therapy deals with the Inner Spirit of Laughter (Nonsense/”Man Plans and God Laughs”) . We will learn also how to channel anger into nonsense (Anger Management) and how not to lose control while angry.

Pricing: The first meeting lasts 90-100 minutes and costs 450 Shk. This is the main session as you receive the most tools. The second meeting costs 300 Shk. For the third session you will pay just 200shk and it is necessary and recommended just for boosting up your daily practice. Mentoring, Consultation and Help for optimal daily practicing is free of charge.

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